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Try-a-Viol Day

Ali Kinder visited Edinburgh to deliver her tried and tested "Try-a-Viol" course.

On Saturday 10th we had 10 participants, all completely new to the viol, meeting in Alison House, the Music Department of the University


Thanks to the generosity of Patsy Campbell we were able to use the university’s viols  in the Music Department, and Patsy acted as door keeper, guide and  support throughout the whole of the Saturday.

Ali speedily got everyone plucking four part music on three different sizes of viol.   By the end of the day participants were confidently bowing four part music.

On Sunday 11th we had a further 4 try-a-violers for a half day, three of whom had some familiarity with the viol. Again a very positive experience.

Some participant comments:

“. .. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and thought Alison was an amazing teacher, such fun and enthusiastic, especially succeeding in getting us all to play so quickly”

“….The learning curve was practically a vertical straight line with lots of fun and laughter thrown in. I think I may be hooked!”

“…..Really enjoyed it and was a great introduction to the viol”

"…..It was a fantastic opportunity to get to play such an amazing instrument. Alison made it all sound easy, and the support of the other people attending made it a most enjoyable day."

“…..A superb day, with an enthusiastic and encouraging tutor”

We are now exploring ways of acquiring some viols for loan or hire, and planning playing days, meet ups and further coached sessions. Once we have further details we will put up info on the website and circulate all the participants.

In the meantime, you can contact Patsy Campbell and find out more about the two coaching sessions per week she offers in Alison House using the university viols during term time.

Or contact Vickie Hobson about getting together with other players for a coached session.

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