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Medieval music in Scotland


Iuchair present an extremely rare chance to hear the otherworldly medieval music of the 13th-century composer Pérotin live, and to discover how the music made its way to Scotland from Paris.This concert will present an alternative picture of the enigmatic Pérotin, revealing him to be more of a convenient name to attach to a centuries-old tradition of improvised music, rather than being a singular composer that created an entire repertory. We will be performing some of the more famous pieces in the repertory, such as Viderunt Omnes and Sederunt Principes, but also little-known and rarely performed pieces such as a two-part setting of Beata Viscera and the Scottish settings for St Andrew: Vir Iste / Vir Perfecte.


Pérotin: the Scottish source, Glasgow

St Andrew's Catholic Cathedral

21/04/18 19:30 - 21:00

* * * 

Pérotin: the Scottish source, Edinburgh

Polwarth Parish Church, 

28/04/18 19:30 - 21:00

 * * *


Pérotin: the Scottish source, Stirling

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 

02/05/18 19:30 - 21:00



Another performance is planned for 8th June in the University of Glasgow Memorial Chapel. 

Tickets are  £10 /  £5 and can purchased online here or bought on the door

Iuchair is a singing group that performs new editions of medieval music, initially focusing on the influence of the enigmatic Pérotin and the Notre Dame School of polyphony in Scotland through the manuscript known as W1.  

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